We have always fought for the underdog.


We fight for good people who are in tough situations.

We don’t judge our clients; we listen to what they have to tell us.  We keep our clients informed and explain what we are doing.  We work hard to find the weaknesses in our opponent’s position and to present the strengths in ours.  We utilize the best experts and investigators.  We use creative new technologies to bring dynamic life to our cases.  Our clients know that they fought hard with top quality advocacy from dedicated professionals. The Lawyers at The Schwarz ~ Garrison Law Firm represent innocent victims of negligence.  We have secured monetary Settlements and Jury Verdicts for the victims of police shootings, school negligence, and governmental abuse.  We represent people against insurance companies.

The Lawyers at The Schwarz ~ Garrison Law Firm represent people in the toughest situations.  We know how to help you through difficult, confusing times.  Whether you find yourself facing Divorce, in the middle of a Child Custody battle, accused of a Crime, or Seriously Injured by someone else’s Negligence- We can help you find the right solution and get you the relief you need.