The only constant in life is change. 


Creative Solutions in Family Law

The only constant in life is change. Sometimes change comes when we least expect it or in ways we don’t anticipate.

Welcome to The Schwarz~Garrison Law Firm.
We understand that family law cases involve what matters most: you, your children and your future. Our firm provides dedicated representation to our clients. We seek creative solutions in family law matters and specialize in Mediation and Collaboration. The Schwarz~Garrison Law Firm is here to assist managing the change of life’s transitions.

If you are looking for a fresh approach to family law, we have the knowledge, expertise and perspective to help you find peaceful, efficient and respectful ways to dissolve relationships, or clarify ongoing or future relationships.

Since you know your family best, our primary focus is on consensual dispute resolution: Collaborative Law, Mediation, and mediation support. Additionally, as necessary, we offer full-service or unbundled legal services for divorce, parenting, child support and pre- and post-nuptial agreements.


A time for change.

Together we can make a difficult situation easier.


Collaborative Law Services

At The Schwarz~Garrison Law Firm we understand that family law cases involve what matters most: you, your children, and your future. Our firm provides dedicated representation to our clients. We specialize in Mediation and Collaboration.

Creating the
future through mediation.

We can help you find a resolution that works best for you and your family.


Mediated Divorce Services

In recent years, divorce mediation has become the preferred option for couples seeking an amicable divorce.

Mediators guide the negotiation process, help the divorcing couple to identify issues and options, and draft a marital settlement agreement.

The Attorneys at the Schwarz~Garrison Law Firm are specially trained in several methods of Mediated Divorce. They can level the playing field by assuring a fair process. They will protect you by insuring that all information is available to the parties. They will guide the process to insure that you are heard, and respected.


“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them”.

~Albert Einstein


About us…

Andrew Schwarz

Andrew Schwarz

Andrew Schwarz
Law Firm Partner

I received my J.D., cum laude, from the University of Puget Sound (now Seattle University) in 1987, winning the Faculty Scholar Award at graduation. After a year serving as law clerk for Judge Marsha J. Pechman, I joined the Seattle-King County Public Defender. Since 1992 I have been in private practice. I now focus on family law, complex civil litigation and personal injury, and criminal cases by referral. More info...

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“Thank you both for helping me through this transition. The process has been quite painless, I feel well supported and protected, and we’ve collectively met the timelines we set out to achieve.” ~Dave W.

Leslie J. Garrison

Leslie J. Garrison

Leslie J. Garrison
Law Firm Partner

I have been practicing law since 1988. I started my career as a King County public defender. I handled hundreds of cases both criminal and civil. In 2007 I developed my passion for mediation and collaboration. In 2011 Andrew Schwarz and I teamed up and I now handle exclusively family law matters. More info...

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You helped to keep me sane and strong through all the insanity… I couldn't have done it without you...” ~Amy N.

We’re here for you.

Ready to collaborate and mediate on your behalf.


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