Mediated Divorce

In recent years, divorce mediation has become the preferred option for couples seeking an amicable divorce. Mediators guide the negotiation process, help the divorcing couple to identify issues and options, and draft a marital settlement agreement.

The Attorneys at The Schwarz~Garrison Law Firm are specially trained in several methods of Mediated Divorce.  One method is when both parties meet with one lawyer who assists them in identifying their goals and facilitating agreements. Another method is when each party is represented by a lawyer and they rely on the services of a mediator to help them reach agreements instead of the judge deciding. We invite you to contact our firm for more information.

The attorneys at The Schwarz~Garrison Law Firm will assist to level the playing field and assure a fair process. They will protect you by insuring that all information is available to the parties. They will guide the process to insure that you are heard, and respected.